Steel Bubbles: Indestructible metal bubbles that must be dropped to be cleared from the level. Drop them by popping bubbles around them


Ice Bubbles: Turns into the color of any bubble popped adjacent to it.

Spike Bubbles: Avoid Spike Bubbles - they will pop any unmatched bubbles that touch them. Drop them by popping bubbles around them! 


Morph Bubbles: Morph Bubbles changes color every move!

Locks: Pop the bubble with the lock on it to break the chain!

Badboon Bubble: Players lose 2 bubbles for every Badboon popped. The Anti-Badboon booster can help avoid this.

Bumper Bubbles: Bumper Bubbles bounce away bubbles that come their way!

+ Bubbles: Pop the + Bubble to get 2 more supply bubbles!

Death Bubbles: Don't pop the Death Bubbles or the round is over!

Cloud Bubbles: Cloud Bubbles can hold up other bubbles. Pop them to drop everything they're touching!

Fill Bubbles: These bubbles have magical powers, they fill your lantern all the way when popped!

Drain Bubbles: These bubbles have dark powers, they drain your lanterns when popped!

Pink/Purple Bubbles: Just like other bubbles, but don’t have lanterns associated with them.


Gift Bubbles: Make a match next a gift bubble to open the gift. Can have different items inside.

Smoke: Used to hide the bubbles underneath it from the player every other turn.


Cannon: Shoots out colored bubbles every few turns.

Switch Spike: Switches between a non-colored bubble and a spike every turn.


Mask: A mask over the bubbles that opens and closes switching between a colored bubble (open) and a Steel bubble (closed) every turn.

Rock: Covers the bubble but is removed on hit.

Drain Bomb: After the countdown reaches 0, all the player’s lanterns are drained.

Ghost Bubbles: Balls will pass through activated ghost bubbles until they hit a normal bubble!

Balloon: Similar to the cloud, but is based on a color and must be popped or dropped to clear.


Dice Bubbles: Dice bubbles will change colors when you hit it with a different color!

Poison Ivy: Grows on colored bubbles and prevents them from being popped.


Conveyor: Rotates groups of bubbles around central Gear points.


Bamboo: Obstacle of varying length that can be hit by any colored bubble.